Turn Your Emails into a Passive Cash Machine that Pays You On Demand Even Whilst You Sleep... Using a Time-Tested System that ANY Beginner Can Follow!

...and how YOU can get started today even if you've got NO followers, absolutely ZERO technical skills, you're TERRIBLE at making websites... and have NEVER made a sale or commission online before!


If you're here on this page then your most likely want to do ONE thing... make money online. Here's the PROBLEM with that...

You are either the person that's looking for a 'get rich quick' scheme, believe that there's some magic button or software that will do all the work for you, turn you into an overnight success, and spew cash out like an ATM machine...

Or you're the REALISTIC person... You believe in doing good business and giving value in exchange for money.

Which one are you?...

If you're the first person, then this is NOT for you, I can't help you...

However if you've out-grown the 'hype' phase then please continue reading as this will be one of the most significant page you'll read today...

This is NOT some wishy-washy technique... This is NOT some hyped-up buzz system that every guru pedals... This is NOT a trend that's here today and gone tommorrow.

This ONE perfected system has been working for over 10 years. Let that sink in... It's a tried and tested method that's proven to work time and time again... And now I'm going to share it with you...


What's the ONE Thing that ALL Famous Celebrities, YouTubers, Spiritual Leaders and Other Superstars and Influencers have in Common?...

What do celebrities like... Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins, Connor McGregror, 50 Cent and Jamie Oliver have in common?...

Answer... they all have a following. More importantly then have INFLUENCE over their following. What does that mean you ask?...

They specialize in what they do, they do it well and have built a name for themselves. Their name is it's own brand. Simply put it mean if they genuinely endorse a product, or stamp their name on a product, that product will very likely sell well... even sell out.

But what does that mean for YOU?...

Does that mean you have to spend years building your reputation, put yourself on TV, go on stage and talk to a live audience to potentially millions of people? No far from it... and thank goodness!

Now you don't have to particularly like the 'celeb' culture, or agree with their values or way of life... But what you can do is look at them through the eyes of an entrepreneur. You can learn from the best in their field... apply what they've done on a small scale in, in a more discreet way and turn it into an online business that will support you for the many years to come.

"That's great but I'm not a celebrity... nor do I want to be..."

That's the power of starting an online business... You DON'T have to be a big player or heavy hitter in the industry. You can start with NO specialist knowledge, ZERO technical skills, NO online reputation, and MINIMAL startup costs (compared to a brick and mortor business)... and still build a successful online business from the ground up!

And it all starts with building a following...


Does Your Inbox Look Something Like This?... Is It Bombarded with Promotions Every Day?...

If So Then It's Time to STOP and THINK What's Really Going On Behind the Scenes...

I'm signed up to a lot of people's mailing lists, from the big boys to the little guys and I can tell you my inbox is FULL to the brim of promo email after promo email... with some marketers sending out 2, 3 even 5 emails a day!

And guess what?...

These emails will NEVER stop coming because every email they send out makes money... Money as an affiliate and money as a product creator ...and people never stop buying because these guys know how to communicate to their followers.

There are two ways to build a following...

You can either use paid traffic and free traffic. Both work, and both have their pros and cons. However if you're starting out, you should definitely consider using free methods first... then paid traffic later on as your business grows. Here's why...


Here's the REAL Problem with Paid Traffic and Why Over 99% of Beginners Fail...

The problem with paid traffic is that the majority of marketers DO NOT make their money back from paid ads.

Either the products they promote don't sell well, or if it does, it doesn't produce enough profit to offset the cost of paid traffic... so they end up losing money instead. That's very important.

On top of that it costs more money to find out what works and CREATE winning campaigns... We're talking about using the right landing page to send traffic to, using the headline, the right words, the right call-to-action...

Then you've got to "test-drive" the affiliate offer to see if YOU can get sales. Some will sell, some won't. And the ones that do sell, will most likely cost you more in traffic.

Then there's the source of the traffic. You've got Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads as well as many non native ads... Each one has their own unique interface and bespoke settings and YOU have to learn how to use each one.

And if that wasn't enough you've got to fine-tune your traffic settings... like the keywords, the demographics, gender, age, income, hobbies and interests...

Then you've got to create good ads that have high CTRs (click-through ratios) to out-rank your competitors (yes... those experts who have been in the game longer and know what they're doing) and keep your bid costs down to even get your ad shown.

If you're lucky, you're ad will be approved and you'll get a good ad score. If something is out of place, your ad gets taken down immediately and you're forced to revise it.

Oh and did I forget to mention that you'll need separate tracking software as well?... Yes that's right you'll need to spend more on tracking software. These complicate softwares range anywhere from $30 a month on the low end, to as much as $349 a month ($4,188 a year) and in some cases a lot more depending on how much traffic you want to track. Afterall you can't send traffic blindly to any offer and not know where your sales came from...

And all this assumes you actually KNOW what you're doing. Paid traffic is hard. In anything... that's an understatement. This is why you need to use free traffic from day one, and not waste time playing about with paid ads... unless you're prepared to make financial sacrifices.


Then there's FREE Traffic.

Now you may argue that free traffic is not actually free, because it costs you time... Yes you're right, but if you want to minimize risk and actually get somewhere with your business... then free traffic is the way forward...

What you may not be aware of is that you're probably doing it already...

Have you ever left a comment on a YouTube video?... What about a comment on a blog?... Have you ever posted or shared a picture on Facebook?... Have you ever posted a video online?... Have you ever Tweeted?... Have you ever started or contributed to a forum post?... Have you ever left feedback for an Amazon purchase?...

If so, then you're already using free traffic methods. You may not realize it but all that 'content' you spread online can actually be used direct people back to your website! (more on this in a bit...)


There are 1000s of Quality Products on the Marketplace You Can Profit from Right Now

...that Pay Out Anywhere from $15 to as Much as $300 Per Sale!

The great thing about building a following is that EVERYONE has problems that need solving... and more importantly are willing to pay for it. The solution is out there, but they don't know where to look. Your only job as an entrepreneur is to connect the right people to the right offer.

A mother of two wants to lose belly fat... A retiree wants to supplement their pension by starting a blog... A small offline business wants to setup a website... An devoted wife wants to save her marriage... A YouTuber wants to create better and higher ranking videos... A 9-5 office worker wants to get rid of back pain... A college student wants to build muscle and get a six-pack...

There are literally 1000s of products you can promote right now in various markets and each one pays you a hefty commission of the sale from 50% to 75%, even 100% commssion... with products payout out as much as $300+ per sale.

So even if you have absolutely NO experience in creating your own products, ZERO technical ability, and terrible video editing and copywriting skills, it's not a problem. Simply find a product that's a good fit for your audience, let them know about it and you'll make sales.

But here's where it gets interesting...


There's ALWAYS a New Product Launch Going on that YOU can Profit from... It's Like Printing Cash on Demand...

One of the best things about building a following in a popular niche is that you'll ALWAYS have new affiliate products to offer. This is where the money is made.

If you check affiliate networks like ClickBank.com, JVZoo.com, WarriorPlus.com, as well as JVNotifyPro.com or IMNewswatch.com you'll see new and exciting products listed for sale that YOU can promote. This is like having an endless supply of cash on demand.

These products even provide you with done-for-you promotion material to send to your audience. Just swipe what you need, send it to your list and boom, you make sales!

So, instead of trying to create your own product from scratch (which by the way, you still can) and attempting sell one product you can sell potentially 100s of products over a period of time. Some products will appeal to one person, other products will be appeal to another. Either way, you'll continue to profit because you have a following.


Here's a Simple 5-Step Plan You Can Use Right Now to Build Your Online Business...

Step 1 - Pick a niche

The first step is to decide what niche market you want to enter. Pick something that's evergreen i.e. won't go out of date in 10 years time, has lots of affiliate offers that you can promote with evidence of sales, has plenty of search engine traffic with the intention of buying... and ideally something that you're passionate about... or are at least willing to learn more of as you build your business.

You can't go wrong with anything related to health and fitness, wealth building and finance, internet marketing (a personal favourite), dating and relationships, personal development, and pet care and training. There are plenty of other niches to get into, but these are guaranteed to keep your business in profit all year round, for a lifetime.

Step 2 - Choose a product to promote

If you've done the first step correctly, you should have no problem finding products to promote. One of the quickest ways to get started is to go to the ClickBank.com or JVZoo.com marketplace, choose your niche catergory and organize the list of products by highest sales or gravity. From there you can check the sales page of each offer, see if it's something that a good fit for your potential audience and grab your affiliate link.

Step 3 - Offer a free gift in exchange for an email address

Now you need a simple system to collect leads and store them in an autoresponder. You could just send traffic directly to your affiliate link, but it's always better to build an audience first... or in this case an email mailing list, and THEN, promote a selection of offers over time.

You need a way to entice people to sign up to your email list. Don't expect people to join your email list for nothing. Instead give them something for free in exchange for their email address, be it a short 'how to' report, a video course, a review of the top 10 best products, a compilation of expert interviews, 10 ways to do this... etc.

Step 4 - Let people know about your free gift

Now all you have to do is promote your free gift, so every time you create content online, be it a blog post, a reply to a Facebook post, a YouTube video, an Instagram post, let them know that you have a gift for them at your website.

When they go to your website, they'll sign up for your free gift, (just like you did to get to this page) and lo and behold you have a new subscriber.

Step 5 - Promote your offer

This then puts you in a position to promote any product or service you choose with a simple email. You can broadcast emails immediately to your entire audience, or you can automate your emails to go out over a span of time and promote a range of products one by one.


The best part is that you'll be shown exactly how to do this put together this system in the members area - which is free, and you'll be shown all the ways to get free traffic. This is enough to get you started, however if you want to really to turn it up a notch, you need to develop a strong connection with your audience.

If you want your audience to like... no, LOVE receiving your emails and buy from you then keep reading as this is what we've going to dive into...


We Can Generate 207-546 Clicks Every Day on Demand to Promote Any Website...

and Get 20, 30, 80... even Over 100 Subscribers to Join our Newsletter Every Single Day!... That's a Lot of Moving Traffic!

Attention is the name of the game and list traffic is hands down the best type of traffic you'll ever send to your website or affiliate offers and undoubtely gives you the best return on your time compared to any other form of advertising.

Afterall, people who actively put their hands up and say 'yes I want to learn more from you and what you have to offer' are far more committed and likely to make a purchase from a personal email you send out, than say, from an unknown pop-up window or text ad.

Whether you like it or not, the truth is you NEED to build a RESPONSIVE list because let's face it... if you were already crushing it online you wouldn't be here on this page.


Email Subscribers, Opens and Click-Thru Rates are Good... But it's NOT Everything...

Here's the ugly truth that many experts won't admit...

Building a list is NOT enough. List size means NOTHING if no one is clicking. And clicks mean NOTHING if no one is buying.

What you're really wanting is a following of people who actually LIKE receiving your emails, who are practically WAITING for your next promotion, and are happy to BUY from you.

Whilst you may have been told many times by several experts that "you need to build a list..." and that "the money is in the list..." it doesn't give you the full picture. You need people who actually LIKE receiving emails from you and most importantly BUYING from you.

Yes you still need to build a list, and yes the money is in the list... but if you want to make money, you need to prepare, nurture and cultivate that email list from day one.

Bottom line: It's not about what you sell online... it's HOW you sell it...

If you're on this page then you're most likely you're looking for a way to increase your income...

And most likely you want to do it in the easiest and fastest way possible... without all the stress and headache involved in building a massive digital business.

If so then you're on the right page...


Introducing... Quick Cash Emails

The Tried and Tested Formula to Get Your Readers to Love You and Turn Your Emails into Cold Hard Cash... Even If You Have ZERO Subscribers and You've NEVER Sold a Product Online Before!

The money is NOT in the list. It's the in relationship you have with your list.

Quick Cash Emails breaks down the entire process of 'heating up' your cold subscriber leads and turning them into life-long raving customers who can relate to you, love receiving your emails, always click your links, and more often than not, buy your offers.

Once you're through with this course you'll stand out in their inbox, out-shine your competitors, and will have NO problem recommending affiliate offers or selling your own products. Sales will be effortless.

This is the missing piece you need (and didn't realize) to turn your emails into cash-producing income systems. It's simple. You write your email. You send it to your list. You profit. Quick Cash Emails.

Here's just a slither of the amazing and somewhat unorthodox techniques you'll discover inside...


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Quick Cash Emails

In the first lesson we'll introduce you to the Click Send Profit course. You'll discover how you can use the power of mass email distribution and automation to completely change your life.

Discover how to pull in quick cash using _______ ____ offers. See why scacrity sells so well and how to ethically add it in your emails to ignite your sales.

Revealed: How the big dogs in the industry launch their products and get others to do the work for them for big 6-figure and 7-figure pay days.

See why emails make up more than 90% of online marketer's income and how you can adopt this time-tested proven system in your business to achieve similar results.

Why _________ is everything in and why you have to think in terms of audience. (Hint - you'll be able to apply this method to other channels including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.)

Lesson 2 - Attracting the Right Audience

In this lesson we'll discuss the real value behind building your tribe. You're not just collecting email addresses... far from it.

Discover 2 real 'outside the box' methods of getting customers to buy more from you and at higher prices.

How to use ______ ____ method to get noticed fast and out-smart your competitors who are begging for the same attention.

REVEALED - A fail-proof method to sell your BEST products and services using ______ ____. Do this and you'll never had a cash-flow problem again! (Tip - make a note of this and come back to it in 1 years time and you'll have an 'ah ha' moment)

The REAL power behind building an audience and why you should consider expanding your reach (Hint - you're building so much more than an email following)

Discover why NOT all traffic is equal and why you need to treat audience sources differently and fine-tune your marketing message. Get this right and you'll boost your profits without realizing it.

Why you'll get unsubscribes no matter what you do (yes - even if you gave away a $100 bill) - and how to not take it personally

Why email marketing is the perfect platform for hard-selling and why your subscribers even expect it!

Lesson 3 - Send Emails to Many, Talk to One

You'll be collecting thousands even tens of thousands of email addresses that have given you permission to communicate and offer products to them. But the question is how to do communicate to everyone on your list?

Do you talk to them as one big group?... Do you break them down into smaller groups like a class?... Or do you talk to one person at a time?... We'll help you clear the mist so you'll know exactly how to approach this every time you send out an email.

Discover the 1 thing you simply CANNOT afford to overlook when you send out an email. Keep this in mind and you'll get a much better response.

What sort of email list should you be building and more importantly why? Contrary to what you might think there's a minimum of 2 extra lists that you should be aware of if you want to go the distance.

A perfect example of how NOT to write your email messages and how to fix it using a super-effective 3-letter word. (Get this right and you'll have people clicking your links just out of curiousity!)

Big list or small list - it doesn't matter. We'll show you how to maintain consistency in your messages even if you have the attention of 100K people, so you don't feel like every email is like treading on thin ice.

Lesson 4 - Create Your Ideal Customer

In an ideal world you would simply start writing the way YOU want and assume people know what you're on about. However this couldn't be further from the truth... In the world of online marketing you need to write at their level of understanding.

Let's say you're an expert in your field and you're talking to someone who is completely new to what you do but willing to learn... would it be wise to use complicated words and jargon they've never heard of?...

If you do that then you'll discourage them, lose their interest and you'd spend most of your time explaining yourself. The conversation would never get anywhere. You've lost a sale. So what does your customer REALLY want? Hint it's got very little to do with the product itself.

Discover 8 traits of your ideal customer and how to use them to create deeper connections. Get this right and they'll never want to unsubscribe from you ever again!

Find out what your audience WANTS to hear, and not necessary what you think they should hear especially if they're not ready for it

A simple humourous trick to remind yourself of who you're talking to every time you send out an email (Tip! You can print this one out and stick it on the wall)

Discover what the real demographic is for the majority of online marketers without having to conduct surveys and perform extensive deep research.

Lesson 5 - Writing with the Customer in Mind

Do you remember in English class your teacher would tell you to leave a double space after a period in a sentence before starting the next... Or that commas and periods should always go inside quotation marks? "Like this for example." as opposed to "something like this"... Or to never start a sentence with 'And' or 'Because' because it's considered bad English?

Well in the world of online marketing and communicating for profit... all that goes out the window!... Writing for profit is COMPLETELY different. The fact is people DON'T care about your perfect English literiture. They care about how they feel when they read your message and what's in it for them!

Revealed: The 5 letter word you need to build your emails around to ensure you maintain their attention and turn a profit... every single time.

Why hypey emails don't work long term and attract the wrong type of customers in your business. And why I strongly recommend you avoid trying to sell to these kind of people.

How to re-frame and re-word your emails to match your ideal audience. Remember perfection and jargon will hurt your profits.

Example of writing in a professional, toned-down, voice and how to match their level of understanding.

How to apply the "back to the future" technique to connect with your audience.

Lesson 6 - The Push-Pull Email Formula

The majority of people who join your newsletter will not buy straight away. Some do but most don't. So how do you turn things about so that everyone wants to know what you have to sell?

Allow us to introduce you to a technique we've coined as the 'push pull' email formula to help you overcome buyer resistance. Once you've cracked the code, you'll get higher open rates, more links clicked, and more sales.

Dicsover the 1 word character trait that you need to apply in your messages to keep your audience hungry for your next email.

Why you shouldn't follow a cookie-cutter email especially with affiliate emails. This is what everyone else does and the one thing you should avoid.

3 Different types of content you can tell your audience about (...do this and trust will never be an issue again!)

A simple give-take formula you can follow to keep them engaged, sell many products over time, whilst you're on holiday, asleep.

Should you email once a week?... Once a day?... Several times a day?... Find out exactly how often to email your list and why consistency is important.

1 Thing you should NEVER do to your list. You'll see in this example how a 2 month break can cost you.

Lesson 7 - Formulating Perfect Sales Emails

It's not what you sell, but how you sell it. Your audience needs problems solved, they need solutions and they need products.

They know they need it, you know they need it, but it's how you frame and present the offer BEFORE they've even laid their eyes on it that will determine your level of success.

In this lesson we'll cover the more subtle and intricate details that take your email messages to the next level...

The 5-letter word you must absolutely cultivate (that many beginners don't) that is directly responsbility for keeping your subscribers hooked to your every word.

The "Hit them over the head" technique to get your hyper-buyers to place orders fast. This is the most direct method that gets the job done.

The "Transition" technique that delivers value and soft-sells a product... plus a real world example that you can replicate in any niche.

How to apply the "Short blind" email message technique to invoke curiousity and clicks (Hint - this is great for hyped-up new subscribers with short attention spans).

How to use the "Long form" email message technique to pre-sell experienced subscribers. Once they're on the sales page the sales will be almost effortless.

How to apply the 4-step AIDA principle to your email copy. Think this technique is reserved only for sales letters?... Think again!

3 Types of email messages you can send, when to use them, and how to merge them into one campaign. (This will get the attention of almost every type of subscriber on your list)

The 2 types of email variations you can use in your autoresponder, when to use them, and how that will affect your sales.

Lesson 8 - Run a 7-Day Promotion Event

Whilst you can make money just from sending out one email for every promotion, what you'll find is you'll get far better results if you run a timed-event and point several emails to one offer over several days.

Don't worry this is nothing complicated. It's simply a way of focusing your attention on one offer, and in doing so you can your audience to focus their attention on one offer as well.

Discover the 1 MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to do on the day and even before the promotion starts. Do this and half the sale is already made before they even seen the product!

Why you need to set a strict deadline to close an offer. Get this right and even those that don't buy this time round will take your next offer seriously.

See why the close is the most important part of your launch and why leaving your offers 'open ended' can actually reduce your profit.

Why you should consider sending multiple emails in ONE day... even if it means you lose a few subscribers. (This technique alone will weed out the tyre kickers, and get you the most customers fast)

Simple little tricks you can use to get fence-sitters off the fence plus 3 real examples of how to apply this and weave it into your email.

Lesson 9 - The Sales Over Time Blueprint

Now comes the interesting part. Selling! With the techniques you'll learn here you'll be able to pull in as much sales in a week, that the average person spends a whole year working 9-5. What you're about to learn here is seriously life-changing.

Discover the correlation between your sales and time during a typical 7-day period so you know exactly what to expect before you start a promotion.

Understand why the first spike occurs within the first 24 hours and how to use it to determine who your BEST customers are (who will in turn help you build your business faster!)

Know the mindset of your audience a few hours before and a few hours after this spike. You can then use this human behaviour to improve profits on future promotions!

Why you should expect the "troughs" sales between days 2-6 plus a few simple ideas on how to keep the momentum going to encourage fence-sitters to take action.

Why the second sale spike occurs on the 7th day and what's happening on a psychological level with your audience. This micro-event can account for more than 50% of your sales.

Lesson 10 - The Know Like and Trust Formula

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Let's say you're looking for a new car, but you know very little about them. However you have a friend who's a mechanic and knows everything there is to know.

Would you rather walk into a show room and let a sales man talk you into buying something, or would you prefer to get advice from a trusted friend?

I'm sure you'd rather listen to your friend and make your buying decisions based off their advice, even let them decide what car's right for you. The same thing applies online. So in this module you'll show you how to posistion yourself as the friend, and less of a seller.

Discover 4 simple little 'ice breakers' you can do within 24 hours to get people to know you.

12 Attractive personality traits that turn you into a selling powerhouse and how to apply this to your online presence so they want to buy from you.

Discover an extreme effective _____ and ____ technique adopted by telemarketers even if you loath them and have no intention of ever talking directly on the phone to your customers.

1 Simple writing technique that makes your emails really stand out in their inbox. (...miss this and you might as well not have an audience to begin with!)

3 Emotions you need to project through your messages. Apply this to everything including sales letters, sales videos, audio recordings and more, and sales will flow naturally.

Lesson 11 - Position Yourself as an Authority

People respect, admire and listen to authority figures and role models. Maybe this is the first time you've considered starting a business online. Maybe you've been online for a while and not had enough success to consider yourself an authority.

Well it doesn't matter. Because in this module we're going to show you how to position yourself as one without going through years of experience.

See why _________ is the highest level of authority and how to achieve this naturally as you build your business empire.

Discover what the second highest level of authority is, plus 3 real-world examples. (Hint - this will be the most recommended route to take.)

Why you have to "toot your own horn" even if you're a complete beginner to position yourself effectively and get the best reception from your audience.

Why the "shepard in the herd" mentally will make or break your success. (This applies to everything you do in your business, not just limited to building a following)

Discover how to act like an authority and get treated like one (Hint - it's a subtle change in how you do it, not what you do)

Lesson 12 - Building Deep Connections with Emails

One thing that many beginners fail to do is build a strong connection with their email list. They have no trouble selling products, but skip an important step.

What if you're getting the clicks, sending your readers to an amazing sales page, and selling a product that they actually need, but still get no sales? What's missing is the personal touch.

I've taught students in the past who have run into the same exact problem. They invested in paid traffic and quality products, were able to get the clicks, but no sales. Watch this module to avoid it happening to you.

The 7-letter word that overrrides almost all purchase decisions, and how to tap into it to explode your sales. (Hint - people long for this, and gravite towards this)

Why _______ emails, will lead to your long term success even if your products go out of date (Note: this is a basic human instinct that has nothing to do with your IQ)

3 Things you can reveal about yourself so people 'vibe' with you which leads to a closer connection and higher conversions.

Why admitting your weakness and flaws can actually increase your sales and where to apply it in your marketing to get the best effect.

Lesson 13 - Leverage the Law of Association

In a competitive world of short attention spans, advertisments, and interruptions, if you don't put certain things into place, it's easy for your audience to forget you.

In this module we'll reveal to you a few simple yet highly effectove things you can do to ensure your presence is known and ingrained into their minds.

2 Simple things you can do to drop your reader's guards and speed up the know-like-trust process.

How you can 'level-up' your online reputation by associating with leaders in the industry.

How to use the Law of Association together and give away free information to boost your profile and become an authority in your niche

Example of C_______ C_______ technique to become an authority without re-teaching the same information that's out there.

Lesson 14 - Crafting High-Click Emails and Subject Lines

Building a following is one thing, but getting them visit a website and place an order is another.

Your email messages are responsible for traffic and making sales so it makes perfect sense to get really good at writing them. In this lesson we'll show you how to attract attention and build desire to prime them for your offers.

The 1 most important thing in your subject line that counts the most for clicks. (get this right and you'll always get traffic and stand out from others)

How to apply the Z_________ E_____ technique in your subject lines to increase email open rates.

11 words you can use in your subject line and email introduction to get attention (swipe these and use when in doubt...)

The first thing you need to get them to do even before they've read your entire email...

Why you need to "Sell the sizzle not the steak". Understand this and you'll never have a problem making a sale ever again.

How to create a real sense of urgency in your emails. (Tip - You can apply this to your landing pages and sales letters to take your profits to the next level.)

Lesson 15 - Split-Testing Emails and How to Treat Your Prospects and Customers

In the final lesson we'll answer a couple of frequently asked questions submitted from our students. Listen carefully as these are asked directly from our students who are on the right path and comitted to building their email list.

Discover why split-testing is completely counter-productive when you're starting out (don't let shiny new objects convince you otherwise...)

The 100k email list case study: When it's actually worth fine-tuning your emails and how to apply this in practice.

How 'protecting' your best buyers from your marketing messages and NOT keeping them in the loop will hurt your profits.

A few practical marketing ideas on when it's suitable to treat your prospects differently from your customers

How 'turn up the heat' and approach subscribers that have been on your list for months but bought nothing (this technique will weed out the tyre-kickers and close more sales)


When You Build an Email List of Loyal Followers You Will Unlock Hidden “Profit Gems” that You Never Knew Existed...

Building an email list is not just limited to selling affiliate offers... far from it. As you grow and build your empire you'll uncover even more profit potential that other business models can't provide...

You can sell traffic to other marketers (a.k.a. solo ads)... Other marketers like you are looking to build their following as well! You can sell your traffic for $0.50 to $1 a click or more. If you can deliver 500 clicks, you can potentially sell that traffic for $500... and that's on top of your existing sales as well! Sell one solo ad per week and that's $2,000 per month additional income!

You can exchange traffic to build your email list faster (a.k.a. ad swaps)... Want to build your email list faster? Then why not trade email lists with other marketers! It's free to do and you'll double your list size literally overnight and have more people to promote offers to.

You'll profit with Adsense revenue and other contextual ads... If you blog or write articles to build your following, your website will naturally receive lots of organic traffic from the search engines. You can embed Google Adsense ads (and other ads) into your website and generate revenue with every click without selling anything.

You'll attract sponsorship who will pay you to advertise their product in your content... If you use videos to build your following, you'll naturally become popular over time and companies will pay you to endorse their product within your content.

You can recommend high-value physical products... You're not only limited to selling digital products. You can sell tangible products on Amazon as an affiliate and earn even more commission per sale. For example, home-gym equiptment can cost $1000 or more. Imaging banking $100+ per sale.

You'll build passive recurring income through subscription-based products... What may not be so obvious is that many affiliate programs have monthly membership products. This means you can sell a product once and get paid every month, for as long as your lead is subscribed. This is great for keeping expenses down and staying on top of your bills!

You can develop and sell your own products... Once you get good at selling affiliate products, you may want to develop your own, set your own prices, sell it better, and earn 100% of the sale. And who better to sell it to than your loyal followers who already read your emails!

When you take all this into consideration, it just makes perfect sense to build a following. And it's NOT hard to get started either...

There is NO better time to improve your skills and it's NEVER to late to learn...


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If you want to sell your own products and services, or plan to in the future, then yes this is for you.

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This Course is Being Sold for $497 in Overly Hyped Up Adrenline-Pumped Seminars...


You could... spend $497 to join a seminar event... get blown away by the hype and good feeling, listen to a well presented talk, get pumped full of endorphines, but then come back home, settle down with the same information you're about to get.

You could... spend $99 a month on a piece of software that does all sorts of fancy tricks that you'll only use 10% of... test it out and never use it again.

You could... spend $37 on an eBook or audio book, read through the manual, get bored of going through the waffle to find the answers.

Or you could... spend a bit of pocket change right now, watch a series of very organized strategic videos, with tremendously valuable information, tried and tested by the best marketers in the game for over 10 years... replicate it and achieve similar results...

The answer is obvious.


Listen, we could give this information away for free, it will be treated as such. It will be looked at briefly, forgotten and never to be seen again... and then you'll be waiting for the next shiny object to hit your inbox... yes the same inbox which is receiving emails every day because you're subscribed to other marketers...

If you had to pay for it, even just a little, you'd value it and "may" invest a bit of time diving into this information and applying it.

Either way, this small 'hurdle' is there as a commitment to yourself.

Whether you buy or not, it really wouldn't make a difference. We're cool with that either way... We'll continue to send out offers to our email list, we'll continue developing new and exciting products, and build our audience and we'll continue to keep making sales and commission no matter what you decide...

The real question is are you on board with us?...

...Do you want follow in our footsteps and take the best of what we teach you so you can do YOUR thing?... Do you see why you need to build and cultivate a following BEFORE you sell anything online... and why getting traffic and building a big email list is only a PART of the equation?

If so, scroll down and click that order button now. We'll get your account setup with a private username and password and we'll add the videos to your account immediately for you to watch online.

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At the very least you will have walked away with more knowledge and experience. But honestly, if you're reading this then you know that this is a step forward in the right direction.

Click the order button now and put everything we teach into practice. You'll then look back and realize this is one of the best investments in yourself you've ever made and wonder why on earth you didn't get started earlier...


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